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Counteracting Fast Fashion with Breville UK

November 4, 2019

In this week’s post we’re talking about the hot topic of sustainability and fast fashion. We’ve partnered up with Breville to offer you our top tips around how to prolong the life of your clothes. We’ve all been there, purchasing clothes, wearing them once and then shoving them at the back of our wardrobes, never to be worn again


As you may know, the fashion industry has huge impact on the environment which is why many top designers and artists are implementing sustainable approaches into their operations. Fast fashion in particular is making a huge impact as it’s

responsible for producing 20% of global wastewater and used 80 billion cubic metres of fresh water in 2016. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure we take small steps to counteract fast fashion


Our top tips to prolong the life of your clothing


1. To kick things off let’s talk ironing. Prolonging the life of our clothing is not just about how long it lasts, it’s also about how we think about our clothes. If an item is screwed up at the bottom of the wardrobe, it’s easily forgotten and left unworn. The Breville PressXpress® 2600W Ceramic Steam Iron has sparked the fun back into a chore most men find mundane. The extra powerful 170g steam shot and precision tip smooth stubborn wrinkles and create perfect creases. The  Breville PressXpress® 2600W Ceramic Steam Iron has saved us time by removing even the toughest of creases and helped my garments look brand new. With a podcast on I’ve found ironing can become a therapeutic task and my clothes are reaping the benefits. Instead of throwing away clothes because they look ruined pop some life back into them with a fresh iron. Breville’s PressXpress 2800W Ceramic Steam Iron has a wide, multi-directional sole plate, which is perfect for doing large items quickly like my linen shirts, and suit trousers. Better still its 400ml water tank, makes it easy to fill and really simple to use.


2. Redesign your clothes and think twice about buying new things. This can be tricky for most people but let’s take a denim jacket for example. If ours have ever started to look tired, we’ve added badges, some dye, other materials + tears and rips which give them extra life and a fresh place in our wardrobes. It also makes them unique, which is a bonus!


3. Store your clothes properly. There are some clothes that should be hung and some that should be folded. Jumpers of any kind we always fold, to prevent them sagging and losing their shape when hung. T-shirts, however, are less likely to sag due to their lighter weight on a hanger. 


4. Don’t wash denim. Ok this may sound a little bit disgusting but hear us out. We rarely wash jeans unless they are absolutely filthy because if over washed, they tend to lose their colour which results in us throwing them away. Our top tip is to freeze them to kill off any bacteria and to remove tough stains use the Breville PressXpress® 2600W Ceramic Steam Iron water spray feature and then brush to remove any noticeable stains. If you absolutely must wash your denim, then turn the jacket or the jeans inside out and wash on a cold wash with similar colours.


5. Before you buy new pieces look to purchase from thrift shops or charity shops. Buying second hand pieces is not only cheaper, but you can find some hidden gems in vintage shops. Especially vintage leathers and distressed denim.









I hope you’ve enjoyed this short read and found it helpful, if you would like to shop the Breville PressXpress® 2600W Ceramic Steam Iron click the link HERE. Until next time, Wade out.


This post is in collaboration with Breville UK although all views are my own.










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