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The Hidden Tails of Penhaligon's

April 7, 2019

As you know we both have found our favourite fragrance, if you've been following us both for a while you'll see we have a large collection of Penhaligon's. We often get asked why is Penahligon's so good or what scent to go for. 



Who are Penhaligon’s you may ask?


Penhaligon’s is a luxury fragrance company with products ranging from grooming to candles and of course, the perfumes. In 1887 'William Henry Penahligon' a Cornish barber founded Penhaligon's and in the past 147 years has continued to build one of the finest brands built on English soil and heritage. 


Penhaligon’s 147-year heritage is at the heart of everything they do, creating original fragrances that tell a story, taking inspiration from the interesting history of the brand. Penhaligon's continue to to create and develop products of the highest quality ingrained with the elegance of their heritage. Each scent delivers a unique story with integrity, personality and sophistication.



A Penhaligons fragrance profiling


You may have never heard of fragrance profiling, however, the truth is, neither had we until we got introduced to Penhaligon's about 12 months ago. Walking the streets of London on average you'll walk past 5 people wearing the same scent as you every hour, can you believe that?! We both wanted a scent that suited our lifestyle, which was unique and had an empowering message behind it. 


During the profiling you get introduced to an expert who will ask you a selection of questions that identifies you and shows off what kind of personality you have. The questions are based around your lifestyle, habits, possessions and passions like 'Whats your favourite drink? 'Whats your favourite material' etc.  Once they have a good image and understanding of you, they carefully select a handful of fragrances that they think will best suit you.


This is a really fun and interesting experience. In a private room covered in Penhaligon's drown yourself with pots of tea or perhaps a glass of bubbly whilst immersing yourself into the hidden tails of each scent. If you're after a cool date gents then we totally recommend this experience.  



Our picks


During our profiling we got the opportunity to try a vast selection of scents, each with a unique story and each with their own distinctive smell. We both wanted a fragrance that we could wear daily, something that not only smells great but turns heads and stands out whilst having a long lasting effect. After several smell tests we decided with the following:


William went for The Blazing Mr Sam and Halfati.


Henry went for Belgravia Chypre and Halfati. 


Halfiti, also known as a potion. One so delightfully intoxicating which will leave people falling in love with it immediately. The head notes are a combinations of grapefruit, Bergamot, Green notes, Armoise and Cypress with Base notes of Leather, Oud, Vanilla and Sandalwood which give it that long lasting effect. Find out more here and why people constantly ask what fragrance we're wearing?




Begravia Chypree - Standing between Buckingham Palace and Sloane Square is the beautiful Belgravia. This scent is distinguished and distinctive which is inspired by the rich and sophisticated and for the most flamboyant London traditionalist. 




The Blazing Mr Sam - An American abroad; in London to be precise, who spends freely, lives fast and talks loudly (If you know Will this is him down to a tee). Mr Sam is the perfect combination of hot and cold spices. Cardamom, cumin, black pepper. A cashmere note, tobacco, patchouli. Reverberating, sensual woods. 




With several stores, stockists and concessions across the UK and a huge presence online, testing and finding your perfect scent with Penhaligon's has never been easier. 















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