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40 days without caffeine

April 8, 2018





We love caffeine but hey who doesn't right? No one can seem to get through a morning without some sort of caffeine and we will be the first to admit that our caffeine addiction was becoming of the most unhealthy aspects of our lives. For both of us we would drink around 6-7 caffeinated drinks per day. Ranging from tall black coffees in the morning to zero calorie monster energy drinks in the early afternoon. You may not think it but too much caffeine can be really bad for your body. After all It's a stimulant and stimulants should be taken with precaution.


We have both been guzzling down caffeinated drinks due to a lack of and inconsistent evidence. There are tonnes of studies involving caffeine that either praise its health benefits or condemning it for leading to various health concerns such as cardiovascular disease or certain cancers. So, after several years of pushing the limits of our caffeine addiction we decided to go completely cold turkey on it and give up coffee for lent which was a little over 40 days. 


Why did we give it up? Simply we both were having no affect with caffeine anymore and fancied seeing how we would feel and what would happen. 


Throughout this blog you'll find:

  • Common side affects of no caffieine

  • Why we quit cold turkey

  • The first 7 days without caffeine

  • Benefits of 40 days without caffeine

  • Alternatives to coffee


Here’s what happened after we gave up coffee for 40 days and 40 nights:


Day 1-7: the hardest and most gruelling of the 40 days. We expected this, giving up something your body is used to having every day is an instant shock to the system. Firstly, we got really bad migraines which lasted about a week. Our personalities also changed becoming slightly moodier and not quite our bubbly selves. We had read up on this and was expecting it.


Days 7-20: A couple of weeks in and we were expecting it to become easier but things didn’t exactly seem that way, with our busy lives we used caffeine to improve our productivity and maintain good focus levels and not having this felt we were losing a little work ethic especially in the gym. Our headaches also continued and were feeling pretty low for the majority of the day. We did however start to improve in the mornings, not needing a caffeine fix first thing and our eyes not telling us it’s coffee time.


Days 21-30: 3 weeks in and things started to turn out for the better. Our headaches had completely gone, waking up without the snooze button had become a habit and our workouts were fuelled with other energy sources other than caffeine. We also were sleeping much better, no longer waking up in the middle of the night and falling asleep a lot easier. Nevertheless, we were still struggling with the afternoon, around 3pm we were in need of a little pick me up to take us through to the end of the day. 


Days 31-40: Finally, the home stretch of this challenge and both of us felt pretty good. Our natural energy had fully come back without needing any caffeine, our sleeping pattern was on point and we were rarely fighting to stay awake come later afternoon. 




Caffeine is a pretty big stimulant to the body and we were both drinking far too much to begin with this was what made our first couple of weeks so difficult. This was one of the hardest challenges we’ve ever done but have definitely felt the benefits over the past 40 days.


Will we go back to caffeine...?


Of course. We both love a good English cuppa Tea and a morning cuppa Joe. Decaf was our friend but a little caffeine really does help with our productivity and focus levels so we will introduce caffeine back into our routine but just be mindful of how much we have and no longer drink 5+ caffeinated drinks a day. I guess like anything too much can be a bad thing. Yeah Broccoli is good for you but eat too much and i'm sure your tummy won't be thanking you...you get the point.


What helped us whilst going cold turkey and our alternatives to coffee


Hot Lemon and Ginger Tea was our go to drink, it boosts your immune system, brings instant relief from nausea and indigestion, lowers the effects of diabetes, improves hair and skin and can be a go to drink for weight loss too.

Drinking de-caffeinated drinks, coffee with flavoured drops from MyProtein which tasted lovely. Also, decaf tea and green tea both were lovely. 


Lowering sugar and eating plenty of healthy foods – Lots of fruit and vegetables always will leave you feeling good and without any sugar crashes. So eat your greens kids.


Let us know what you think or if you have any questions regarding the 40 days! 


Wade out.




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