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24 hours in Cambridge

October 3, 2017

Hello October! How an earth have we hit October already?! It only seems like yesterday we were training Muay Thai in Northern Thailand, swimming with Whale Sharks in The Philippines and exploring the Inari Shrine in Kyoto Japan...Oh how we miss to travel!


On most payday weekends we tend to hit the clubs and spend half our wages and why not hey, money is there to be spent on good times and making good memories. This weekend, for both of us, we decided to head back to our hometown and spend some good quality time with family and see some of Cambridge's famous hot spots and explore the incredible College buildings, which reminded us too much of Hogwarts. 


With us both being 25 we couldn’t possibly live in Cambridge, compared to London it is far too quiet for an outgoing pair like us. Having said this, it is perfect to visit for a weekend and be a tourist, as it is, simply, beautiful. Whether it’s a day out punting, shopping in the Grand Arcade, eating freshly made fudge at the famous fudge shop, having a delicious cocktail at Varsity rooftop bar or exploring the grounds of one of the famous colleges there is a lot to do in Cambridge that makes a great day/weekend.


We arrived in from London after lunch with beautiful weather where we met up with our family to enjoy afternoon tea in one of our favourite spots. Savinos. Quite possibly the best Italian coffee shop. The perfect place to chill, read a paper, have an Italian roast and watch the world go by.




After a nice coffee and catch up we had a wonder through the Grand Arcade shopping centre where we popped into Levi’s and bought identical tees, so twin, SHOCK!! (£20 for each one, bargain) A decent buy which will go perfect under any bold jacket whether it be one of our leathers, denim or bigger jackets. It’s good to mention graphic/branded tees are certainly making their way back in. Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Gucci, Armani they are all doing it. So grab some as they make any simple outfit stand out with a nice bit of colour.


Before heading to the Cambridge colleges we 'accidentally' managed to find ourself in the famous Fudge Kitchen for the free tasters. No word of a lie it is quite possibly the best fudge you will experience, a must if you visit Cambridge! Just stroll in and make it look like you're a fudge expert and want to taste as many as possible. 



This was the fresh made salted caramel flavour. Just Heaven.


We then went for a stroll around the beautiful river and one of Cambridge Colleges. The colleges were actually closed to the public for an unknown reason but Will and I we managed to sneak in anyway…Cheeky. We explored the beautiful architecture and grounds of some of the finest buildings in England. It is quite impressive and makes you feel a little privileged to call this place home.


Henry wearing a smart/casual look that can be worn easily on a night out or whilst wondering around as it is loose fitted and really comfortable.


Floral Print Shirt  - XL, Zara -  £29.99 

Distressed Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans - 32/34, Boohoo - £15

Ask the Missus Dark Grey Suede Chelsea Boots - UK 9, Office Shoes - £59.99





Will, also, wearing a smart/casual look that can be worn whilst strolling around the city. Extremely comfortable with the Adidas NMD and the smart cut off jogger material trouser material which we love.


Denim Shirt - L, Levi's - £70.00

Muscle Fit V-neck - XL, H&M - £6.99

Technical Trousers - M, Zara - £24.99

Adidas NMD - UK9, Footlocker £124.99






When the weather is good we thoroughly recommend going punting along the river. Whether with friends, family or on a date. Get either a private tour or try to punt it yourself. It really is beautiful and a lot of fun to. A nice picnic with champagne, what's not to like right?


We were going to stay for a drink but the clouds suddenly filled the sky and it started to rain so we headed home for supper with the family and had ‘Saturday night chills’ watching trash tv, a.k.a X factor ;) We actually had an early night planned as we had signed up for a charity 10k run the following morning which began at 10:30am.


Sunday morning and we had our normal morning routine of multi vitamins, berocca and a long black coffee and a nice big bowl of our famous homemade protein oats to kick start the day.




100g of regular oats

30g of Cinnamon Danish My protein whey protein

Fruit of choice: Rasberries 75g and bloueberries 75g

250ml Almond Milk

50-100ml water

Microwave for 45s and stir, repeat this until it’s ready (not to dry but slightly sloppy and hot)


Trust us when we say…this is unreal.


The race began at 10:30am and we were still lying in bed at 9:15am so we quickly got ready and headed to the location of the run. There were several moments we actually decided to miss the race and just head home as the weather was appalling, non stop rain and cold conditions.

We both had not raced competitively since around year 8 and had never done a 10k competitively, in fact the last time we both did a 10k was probably in year 9. We therefore only had a rough idea of what our timings might be based on 5k’s and general levels of fitness.


As the race unfolded we actually realised we were both doing really well with us just hitting the first 5k in 20 minutes. By the end of the 10km and across the finish line, Will finished a cool 5 seconds ahead of me with a respective time of 41:08 and myself with a 41:13, a pretty good effort for two novice runners competing without any training on their first 10k. We finished 32nd and 34th out of 500+ runners. We have been told perhaps with a years training we could become extremely good runners but we’ll see.


Henry geared up in an all black Nike outfit and Will in the winners SCI-MX apparel. Both perfect for running but perhaps if we were to take running more seriously we'd invest in some propper running shoes!


Post race and we came home to make some not so healthy pancakes. On a long run like that we probably burnt around 1000 calories so a nice big stack of pancakes was in order and they were AMAZING.





120g plain flour

2 eggs

150ml semi skimmed milk

100ml water




1 medium banana

50g blueberries

40g of chocolate buttons

1 0% fat toffee yoghurt

30g Golden Syrup




1. simply mix the first 4 ingredients until no air pockets or lumps in the mix, then pour thin layers over a hot pan with a drizzle of olive oil.

2. Add chocolate, banana and blue berries then pour more mix on top.

3. Flip when brown and repeat until mixture is finished.

4. Add the yoghurt and syrup and enjoy.


We usually make slightly lower calorie and healthier pancakes to but we’ll save that for another time.


The remainder of the day was spent with family and chilling before we headed back to London for another busy week.


Thanks for reading guys...Wade Out.


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