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Twins take on sharks in Australia

First of all, we didn't really get close to any sharks as we avoided those areas by a long way. However we did get up to some pretty crazy s**t whilst travelling Australia, so if you want to read our day to day trip whilst travelling the east coast with lots of helpful info, then this is the article for you. 


Australia – Down under as it is mostly known as. One of the countries we were most excited to visit, not only for the mysterious outback but the beauty and cool history this country has to offer. Amongst our excitement, we were also pretty nervy about running into any spiders, snakes, jellyfish and especially crocodiles or sharks. Nevertheless, amongst the stereotypes, they are pretty hard to find and don’t just turn up on your doorstep like so many think. The first thing to know about Australia is that it's a HUGE country and your time travelling by car, plane, train or bus does eat into your trip, so we planned to do the majority of the east coast in a little under a month. It’s advised to spend anytime from a month or more in Australia to really see everything you need to. We both travelled up the East Coast alongside our good friend Lewis Brown (Seen a lot in our vlogs aka LEWYB - click here to check out our Youtube channel).


Being the huge country Australia is we did miss out parts and just stuck to the east coast working our way from Melbourne up towards Cairns. We travelled by bus and the occasional flight whilst staying in hostels and hotels along the way. We booked our east coast tour through Sydney Base Backpackers Travel in a backpacker package. The package included all our travel, accommodation and exciting activities such as a sky dive, diving in the barrier reef and plenty more. Being 24 we found that travelling the east coast was a little bit of a young crowd, we felt the nightlife was a little cheesy and most people who do the backpacker tours are between 18-20. Perhaps do a road trip if you are our age. Rent a camper van and drive the entire length taking in beautiful scenery along the way. 


#WadeTopTip – If you’re booking a backpacker tour, use Base Hostel Travel or Peter Pans Travel to book a safe and simple trip. Do not jump into the first package, get a quote and compare them first. (Hustle them down a little).




The start of our travels, round 2, began on Thursday 26th January 2017 in Melbourne Australia, after being away from home now for approximately 14 months, and after living in Sydney for the last 10 months we decided it was about time we hit the road again. First stop, Melbourne with lots on the agenda: Catch up with old friends, The Australian Open and stay for one of the busiest weekends of the year 'Australia Day'. 


Melbourne is a fun, quirky and modern city that is best-known for its extremely unpredictable weather where you can experience all four seasons in one day. On first impressions, we were not surprised by the fact that it had been voted the most liveable city in the world for the past 5 years. Everything from the lifestyle, transport, restaurants, nightlife, to St Kilda beach and some of the finest coffee around, make it an awesome place to live and visit. Personally, we loved the place. Having been discussing going to Melbourne for months, we finally decided it would be best to go around Australia Day, Chinese New Year and The Australian Open. With all these events on, there was a genuine buzz around the city and we'd recommend everyone to go around these dates, especially the tennis fans reading this. We were very fortunate with the weather - a wonderful 24C every day made exploring the city a hell of a lot easier with it not being too humid. 


Australian Open: 


We left Sydney around 5 am to catch an early morning flight straight to Melbourne which took approximately 1 hour. We were all extremely excited as this was it, we had all officially finished our jobs in Sydney and were ready to get on the road again. As soon as we touched down in Melbourne we got a bus to the city station and then an Uber to my friend's apartment which was extremely central. His apartment was incredible, and we made full use of it and got a quick workout in the private gym before preparing for a full day of tennis at The Australian Open. We had a stroll around the park and sat and watched a few warm up matches whilst enjoying a few beers. We then made our way over to the Rod Laver Arena where we were fortunate enough to buy some semi final tickets a few weeks before and had the pleasure of witnessing the Spanish wizard Rafa Nadal do his magic and win straight sets against the Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic. It made it even sweeter that Rafa Nadal went onto win the whole tournament. The game finished late and we left the arena exhausted after an early start, making our way back to our friend's apartment and getting ourselves to bed and in need of some good rest before the following day's antics for 'Australia Day'. 



Australia Day:


The following day we were up early making the use of the free gym and spa area. Once finished our morning workout our friends took us out for breakfast right below their apartment block called 'Kettle Black' which was unbelievable, this was our first taste of the so called famous Melbourne coffee. Once finished we got back, got ourselves some drinks and made our way to a friends BBQ which was probably the most Ozzie BBQ we have ever been too. It is Australia day, which means it's rather patriotic so things do get pretty Australian to say the least. Once finishing up here we made our way into town and jumped from bar to bar exploring some of Melbourne's hot spots. 





Street Strolling - Botanical Gardens & Hosier Lane: 


The previous night ended late and what better way to cure the hangover than a home cooked breakfast and a long walk around Albert Park lake and some exploring around the city whilst the sun was shining. After our walk around the park, we made our way to some pretty cool spots within Melbourne. First on the agenda was the beautiful Botanical Gardens which is also the home of the amazing shrine of remembrance. The Shrine is a memorial to all the Australians who served and fought in World War I, so being Australia weekend it made a good time to go and pay our respects. It is a beautiful area of spectacular greenery and the beautiful building is a prominent feature of the city. After some further strolling around the city and getting ripped off at 'weigh your own' frozen yoghurt shop which cost a massive $19...YES, $19 for frozen yoghurt!! We then made our way to the famous street called Hosier Lane. It’s a well-known feature of the city with its edginess and political meaning of the graffiti that covers each wall. It’s also a great place for a Vogue photo shoot, as we both were there for a good 30-40 minutes, attempting to get that perfect Instagram shot… guilty! 




After an awesome day checking out the city, we headed back to have a big BBQ & chill in the Jacuzzi on our friends building rooftop all whilst catching a stunning sunset. We got ourselves an early night and got up early to catch our flight back up to Sydney. We stayed in Sydney for a final few nights, whilst officially moving out of our apartment and saying our goodbyes to friends and family. Our next stop was Byron Bay!!



To Do In Melbourne:


Hosier Lane 
Shrine of Remembrance  
Botanical Gardens  
The Great Ocean Road 
Mooch Around the city
Drink lots of amazing coffee 


To Eat:


Centre Place - Lined with numerous eccentric cafes, Centre Place is a foodies heaven 
Yarra River - many different restaurants here


To Drink:


Captain Baxter 
 Industry Bar & Lounge (Nomads) 
Red Eye Bar (Base Backpackers) 
The Exford Hotel 
The Joint Bar 

The Victoria Hotel


Gym / exercise:


Fitness First offer a 3 day free pass, useful if you're staying for a short period.


Byron Bay:


We hopped on our Greyhound night bus from Sydney bus station which left at 7 pm and arrived early morning in Byron Bay at 7 am. We stayed in Nomads and was actually pretty nice, big beds and great facilities with only a few minutes walk to the beach. After checking in and having a quick nap, we made a trip to the town, it’s chilled out vibe was very unique, many great restaurants, small shops, great street performers and fantastic beaches. As soon as we arrived we could already tell the further we made our way up the east coast, each town or city we visited was going to be very different to Sydney and Melbourne. After checking out the town we went and found a local gym called 'Byron Gym' which was great, however paying $18 each for a single session was a tad expensive, but we gotta maintain as much as we can whilst travelling so we managed to get a good leg workout in. 


Lighthouse walk:


The next day we woke up and the sun was shining, a solid 32 degrees to be exact. Now Byron Bay is pretty small, so it took us literally 10 minutes to walk to the main beach which is also known as Clarkes beach, so after a nice cooked up breakfast we made our way down for a day of chilling and tanning. It is such a small world we live in, we unexpectedly bumped into two sets of friends here from home which was awesome! For the entire day we chilled, made new friends and caught up with old ones before we headed home to befin the famous lighthouse trek for sunset. We left at 6 pm to make it to the lighthouse for a 7 pm sunset. Thinking 1 hour would be enough time to walk up, boy were we wrong, it's a lot longer than we expected and especially if you take the scenic route which takes you past the most easterly point in Australia. By the time we got to the top, the idiots we are, we genuinely missed the sunset......(We Blamed Henry as takes him hours to get ready). However, the views from the lighthouse are spectacular and the walk itself is amazing so it wasn't a total loss. After making our way down we chose to eat at a fantastic fish restaurant called 'Fish Mongers' in the town where we shared a platter for 6 between the 3 of us. IT.WAS.AMAZING!!! 



Considering it was a Saturday night we decided to check out the local bar/club scene which we had heard was pretty good. So after finishing half of Australias seafood we went home and got ourselves prepared for a night in Byron Bay, starting in the hostel and moving onto Cheeky Monkey bar and then finishing up in Woody's club, which went into the early hours of the morning. The nightlife around Byron Bay wasn't that great but what can you expect from a small town full of backpackers, + the hostel is tight and wouldn't let any of us bring back guests for an after party. 


After waking up pretty late the following day, we got some lunch at a pretty cool falafel restaurant in the town and then made our way to the beach to cure our hangovers. We kept things pretty chilled and decided the following morning we'd get up early and go catch the sunrise at the lighthouse, considering we missed the sunset a few nights before. Up at 5am and we decided to run up to the lighthouse the none- scenic route (Taking no chances on missing the sunrise) which was a steady 2.3 mile run, and we did make it with plenty of time to spare, catching the most beautiful sunrise from the most easterly point in Australia, a great finish to Byron Bay. 


To do in Byron Bay:


Do the Lighthouse walk (Sunrise & Sunset) 
Visit Byron Bays number of different beaches
Nimbin tour (If you're a hippie traveller who likes weed)


To stay:


Nomads hostel 


To eat:


Fish Heads 
Fish Mongers 
Orgasmic Falafel


To drink: 


Cheeky Monkeys bar
Woody's bar & Club 


Gym / exercise:


Byron Gym $18 per session

HIIT on the beach

Run to Lighthouse

Nomads do yoga classes (We were the only lads doing it too ;)) 


Surfers Paradise:


Our next stop was Surfers Paradise, a brisk 1 hour 30 minutes bus journey further up the east coast. We hadn’t heard much about Surfers other than it’s one long beach for surfing and supposedly meant to be a little like Miami with actually more canals than Venice, which is an interesting fact. As soon as we arrived at our hostel 'Budds in Surfers' (AKA the worst hostel in the world) we went straight to check out the beach, which was actually beautifully lined next to all of the cities skyline buildings. We took a walk further down the beach and got to the centre of Surfers Paradise Beach where the famous Surfers Paradise sign is, which makes a pretty cool picture and a nice spot to chill out for the day. 



We only spent two days in Surfers Paradise which involved chilling on the beach, heading to a gym, checking out the HORRENDOUS night life and going up the pretty cool Sky tower. Surfers Paradise reminded us all of a pretty quiet, tacky holiday destination for 18yr olds. When we first got to town we were constantly being harassed to buy tickets and trying to be persuaded to get into different clubs. All the clubs we went to were pretty awful and in general, the nightlife was dyer. After calling a stop to the night pretty early, the next morning we woke up and headed to the Q1 Sky Point Tower which is the 7th tallest residential tower in the world. It is magnificent and boasts amazing views of the whole of Surfers Paradise 77 floors up. We got here early and decided to have breakfast at the top too which was fantastic. Once finishing our breakfast we decided to head to the beach and chill out for the remainder of the day. That afternoon we also headed to a local gym called 'EMF gym' which was a pretty decent gym in the city, we managed to sweet talk ourselves a three-day free membership which was awesome. After finishing in the gym, Lewis & Henry decided to give the nightlife another chance and head out, I couldn't handle anymore and decided to get an early night (You can see who the fun twin is). 




Our final day in Surfers Paradise before an early evening coach ride up to Noosa, and we all couldn't wait to leave. Lewis & Henry got back pretty late so I dragged Henry still half pissed to the gym and then chill on the beach until our Coach to Noosa arrived.


To Do in Surfers Paradise: 


Go catch a wave at Surfers Paradise main beach.
Go up to the 'Q1 Sky Point Tower' (7th tallest residential tower in the world)


To stay:


Budds in surfers (Not Recommended)


To eat:


Hard Rock Cafe 
Breakfast at top of the Sky Tower


To drink:


Sky gardens 
Sin City 


Gym  exercise:


EMF Fitness gym

HIIT / run on the beach





Everglades Tour: 


We hadn't really heard much about Noosa, other than it's a cool place to catch a wave and visit one of two of the worlds Everglades. We arrived pretty late and all a little exhausted, we checked into our hostel which was another Nomads hostel, which was actually pretty good, with a great vibe, good facilities and that added bonus of being a few minutes walk from the beach. We had our Everglades tour booked early the following morning with 'Kanu Kapers', so we got ourselves an early night and woke up all ready for a day of canoeing through the Everglades, which was unbelievable... Just don't under estimate how far you travel on the canoes, we paddled a total of 20+km throughout, seeing some awesome spots within the Everglades and with about 5km to go, we ran out of the water and in the boiling sun this was pretty dangerous.... We did make it back safely but for anyone reading this and looking at doing the tour, make sure you pack a few litres of water.

Noose Lookout point:


Only being in Noosa for really one full day we didn't have time to see and do everything, so once back from our everglade tour, we grabbed a late lunch and made our way to the lookout point for sunset, which was honestly one of the best sunsets we have ever witnessed, the beauty of Noosa is quite surreal and is really worth the 2km walk to the top. There were plenty of people at the top with picnics and bottles of beer just relaxing and it was truly magical. 



Noosa National park:


We woke up pretty early and decided to get a quick out door workout in, we found a quiet car park and got to work. After a quick HIIT workout, we made our way to the Noosa National park making our way across the trail all the way to Dolphins look out point, unfortunately we didn't spot any dolphins. What better way to finish off our long walk than to find Ben & Jerrys were also doing a free ice cream give away in the town. Now back to the hostel and time to get ourselves ready for our 100km journey to Rainbow Beach where we were to get ready for our Frazer Island trip. 



To do in Noosa:


Everglade tours
Noosa lookout point
Noosa national park
Catch a wave (Surfing)


To stay:


Nomads hostel


To eat:


Head to the local town, there are plenty of small, quirky restaurants to choose from, we mostly just cooked in our hostel. 


To drink:


Not many bars here, most travellers stick to the hostels and they organise a small bar crawl. 
Nomads also has it's on bar/club


Gym / Exercise:


24hr Snap Fitness - a little walk away, however, we pretended we were moving to the local area and they gave us a free trial.

Car park HIIT / plenty of empty places in Noosa to find.

Run around the National Park


Rainbow Beach & Fraser Island:


A short journey from Noosa to Rainbow beach which only took 1 hour and 30 mins (by this time we were getting fed up of these Greyhound buses). We arrived in Rainbow beach with only one word to describe the place....'Ghost town'. The bus stopped right outside our hostel called Dingo's which was very good, full of people and also dished out awesome Vegan pancakes for breakfast which were sensational. Rainbow Beach is a place where a lot of travellers go to start/finish their Fraser Island tour. When it comes to unique experiences Fraser is one of them! The largest sand island in the world which boast miles of open beaches, tropical forests and fresh water lakes that are so fresh you can drink from. All this on an island with very little habitat other than a small town and the home of the wild Dingos. All of this accessible on 4x4 guided tours, which are amazing as all weekend you get to act like a race driver and drive huge off roaders on a beach....Whats not to like!


We had our Fraser island tour booked through Dingo's who were amazing and highly recommend if you're ever looking at going to see Fraser Island. We arrived in Rainbow early afternoon, checked into our hostel and just chilled out around the pool getting to know a few of the people who were joining us on our Fraser Island tour. We can't explain how small and deserted Rainbow Beach is, with only a couple of thousand as its population with really not much to see and do, the beach itself is pretty horrid too. That evening just next door to the IGA store was an incredible fish and chip shop where we grabbed some dinner and chilled before having a prep meeting before our tour kicked off the following morning. We got up early and headed to the local gym called 'Rainbow Beach sports club', which was pretty sick. After a good pump, we headed back for another safety meeting before we boarded our 4x4's and got on our journey to Fraser island.



Fraser Island is an amazing place with so much to offer and you get to drive around all day in a 4x4. Here on Fraser, the highlights were Lake Mckenzie and Eli Creek, which were two beautiful spots with clear water you could drink and with sand so soft you use it as a natural exfoliator on your skin, hair and teeth. The days consisted of driving around visiting different lakes, rivers and scenic spots whereas the nights consisted of cooking our own meals at camp and partying into the early hours of the morning under the beauty of the bright stars. Now thankfully the island only has 2 police officers for safety and never pulled anyone over for the idea of being over the limit. Our total time on Fraser Island was 3 days and 2 nights which was plenty as you're always up early and your tour guide will take you to many beautiful spots. Once our tour had finished it was time to head back to our hostel at Rainbow beach for a lot of relaxing and catching up on sleep before our next journey further up the east coast of Australia. 



To do at Rainbow Beach / Fraser Island:


Dingos Fraser island tour 
Go check out Rainbow beach 


To stay:


Dingos hostel 


To Eat:


Fish N Chip store - next door to the IGA convenience store
Fraser island - they supply your food for you to eat (Be prepared, you have to cook it yourself)


To Drink:


Most travellers use Rainbow Beach as a stop off before and after Fraser island, so most drinks are purchased from IGA and then most drinking is done on the island with your group. 




Rainbow Beach sports club - $18 per session

Picnic area at Rainbow beach makes a great place for a HIIT


Whitsundays / Airlie Beach: 


Our next stop was Airlie Beach and this is one of the places we were most excited for, as here we had a lot of activities booked in. Here we did our skydives, an incredible jet ski tour and also the start and stop off point for the famous Whitsunday's clipper boat tour. Now the further you go up the east coast the beaches and ocean become extremely dangerous due to stingers & sharks, so whenever you swim you have to wear a full swimsuit which kinda sucks. However, in Airlie they have an awesome built in lagoon free to use for the public which is a great place to swim away that hangover caused by the nightlife Airlie has to offer.


Jet ski tour: 


Our Journey from Rainbow beach was an exhausting over night 10-hour coach trip. Once we arrived we checked into our 'Base' Hostel and that afternoon we had our jet ski tours booked in through 'Whitsundays jet ski tour', which was amazing. We had a private tour along side 3 other people and were placed on extremely powerful jet skis, and despite none of us believing the instructor when he said "the faster you go the easier it is", he was actually right and it genuinely is easier to control a jet ski the faster you go. Weird. The tour was an hour long and took us all around Airlie and it's hotspots, including some great turtle spotting, a shipwreck and Johnny Depp's beach house, which was an unbelievable sea front mansion. Great fun and definitely worth it even though we didn't spot Johnny Depp! 



Sky Dive:


Once the Jet ski tour was over we received a phone call, moving our skydive to an 8 am jump instead of a 10 am, meaning we had to be up and ready for 5 am the following day. That evening we found a local gym called 'Gravity fitness' where we got in a good workout and tried to take our minds off the fact we were going to be jumping 15,000ft out of a plane in less than 12 hours....GULP! The skydive was booked through a company called 'Skydive Airlie Beach'. The morning finally came and after a small breakfast (because our minds weren't really thinking about food) we made our way to the pick up point and had a tense 10 minute journey to the runway and once arrived they passed us through extremely quickly, with a quick safety intro and an outfit change into the appropriate jumpsuit. We were introduced to our jumping instructor and then the small plane pulled up. It was so quick we literally had no time to even think, and then within minutes, we were high into the sky. Will pulled the short straw and had to jump first.....No turning back now. The door slid up and we were gone, the free fall was incredible and the whole experience was so worth it. The views of Airlie were breathtaking and the whole descent from the plane to the ground was truly an experience neither of us will ever forget. Once landed back on the runway, we had a lot of waiting around whilst waiting for our pictures and videos to be made. Once all done we returned back to our hostel with huge smiles on our faces, so happy, firstly be alive and secondly, to have ticked off another achievement off the bucket list. We cooked ourselves a big lunch and then went and spent the afternoon chilling by the lagoon which is quite the place to relax and unwind. 



Whitsundays tour on 'The Clipper' - The so called party boat:


The evening before our Whitsundays tour, we went and got a workout in followed by a sunset walk around Airlie. There is a beautiful coastal walk called Bicentnnial Walkway that took us around a number of beaches and beautiful ports in Airlie, a fantastic time to go is during sunset and witness the sun drifting off into the ocean.The next morning we got our hand luggage packed and purchased alotttttt of alcohol for our time on the Clipper boat. 3 days and 2 nights of sailing around the Whitsunday islands, finding fantastic beaches, learning some fantastic history about the islands and of course getting f**ked up. Whitsundays has something for everyone, with many different tours and boats that cater for your needs and wants. If you're looking for a chilled out adventure, look onboard the Tongarra or if you're up for a bit of a party whilst sailing around the islands with getting very little sleep, then get yourself on the fun fuelled Atlantic Clipper. As you can probably tell, we did the Atlantic Clipper and had an insanely good time with the highlights definitely being, the famous White Haven beach and the vast amount of snorkelling around different islands. A 2 night, 3-day fun filled trip left us worse for wear. As our boat pulled into Airlie harbour we couldn't quite wait to get ourselves into bed and rejuvenate..... However, that lasted a total of two hours as that evening everyone decided to get absolutely loose in Airlie for a final blow out before everyone parted ways to their next destination. Our next stop was Magnetic Island, a 4 hr journey further up the coast.






To do in Airlie Beach: 


Sky dive 
Jet ski Tour
Fraser Island tour
Chill by the lagoon
Coastal walk 


To stay:


Base Backpackers hostel 


To Eat: 


We mostly ate in our hostel and you're provided with plenty of food and snacks on your Fraser Island tour which are fantastic. 


To drink:


Airlie Beach has a lot of backpacker host spots.
Boom Nightclub
Mama Africa bar


Gym / Exercise:


Gravity Fitness - $15 per session 

Coastal walk is a great boardwalk for running 


Magnetic island:


Magnetic Island is a short 20-minute boat ride over from Townsville. We were so hungry once we arrived in Townsville, so we ventured out to find a Coles supermarket before our boat was set to depart. Take note that the closest Coles is about 20-minute walk away from the harbour and we had 35-minute wait till our boat departed, we literally sprinted to make our boat and thankfully made with seconds to spare. After chatting to a few locals on the boat we got a bit of a briefing on what to expect on Magnetic Island and found out that the island got its name 'Magnetic' due to the apparent magnetic effect the island had on the passing ship's compasses. Interesting fact, however, we were more excited to hear that the island is the home of many Kuala bears & Rock Wallabies and that there are many cool scenic spots to explore in 4x4 jeeps / Barbie cars. Once we landed in Magnetic Island we boarded a small bus which took us directly to our Base backpackers hostel which is in a pretty sweet spot, located right on the beach front with quite breathtaking views from our private beach hut. It's a great place to really chill and enjoy a bit of unwinding. 


The following day we were set out to go and explore the island, and what better way to do so than to rent a 4x4 open roof truck and drive all around the island.



The Forts Walk & Kuala Spotting:


Our first stop was 'The Forts Walk' which is a trail that leads you through homes of the amazing wild Kuala Bears, The remarkable Forts Walk is the best vantage point for wildlife, spectacular rocky coves and historic WWII military sites. Once at the top it boasts 360-degree sweeping views of the coast and the Coral Sea, this walk is guaranteed to impress. As we made our way through we saw two wild Kuala's who looked so dopy and chilled, really living up to their reputation as one of the laziest animals who sleep up to 18 hours a day...LIVING THE DREAM!!! Once at the top, we climbed to the top of an old abandoned WWII bunker and had quite spectacular views, to say the least.



Horseshoe Bay: 


Once we got back to our 4x4 Jeep we were all super hot and in need of a cool down, so it was time to find a beach to chill out with an ice cold drink and a tasty ice cream. Horseshoe Bay we heard was a good & safe spot to swim in, so we headed there and chilled out for a few hours whilst soaking up some sun.  



Rock Wallabies:


Walking off the beach as golden as we could possibly get we made our way to a supermarket to pick up some food as it was time to hunt down the Wallabies in Arcadia near the pier. It was getting close to sunset, which we heard was the best time to go and spot some. by the time we arrived, they were scattered everywhere, and we saw dozens. Our bags of vegetables certainly helped as they came so close to grab the food straight from of our hands. There were so many baby Wallabies hanging from their mum's little pouches and they were extremely friendly and cute, and all for the price of a few vegetables. 




West Point:


After all the Wallabies had finished the food we brought for them we raced to West Point due to being told the sunset is amazing. The road to West Point is pretty rocky with some sharp bends, but we took it slow and made it fine. We were greeted by a deserted beach and quite the spot to sit on top of our jeep and take in the breathtaking views over the water, a beautiful golden sunset which was a great finish to a great day. The following day we decided to get up early and go and check out some bits in Townsville, so we got an early boat back to the mainland and as soon as we arrived in started bucketing it down, so we ended up finding a coffee shop to chill in and wait until 2 pm for our bus to our final stop up the East Coast, Cairns. 


To do in Magnetic Island:


Rent a 4x4 jeep or pink Barbie car - go explore the island
Walk the Forts Walk and spot a Kuala Bear
Chill out at Horseshoe Bay
Feed Rock Wallabies 
West Point for sunset
Bungalow Bay YHA for their Kuala cuddle package (Go and you get to cuddle a Kuala) 


To stay:


Base hostel (Awesome bungalows on the beach front) 
Bungalow Bay YHA 


To eat: 


At Base hostel seafront bungalows


To drink:


Most people chill out but the hostel does put on some evening entertainment, it's s**t but we did win the pub quiz one evening under the name of 'late entry'!


Gym / Exercise: 


The island is beautiful for coastal runs

Base Hostel also has a lot of space for HIIT workouts





Our final stop on our east coast adventure and what a great place to finish up than Cairns. It was a 5hr bus from Townsville and we arrived early evening where we got picked up from our hostel minivan to Nomads. We only stayed here for one quick night due to our rooms not being available at the famous Gilligans hostel until the following morning. We arrived into Gilligans the following morning and checked into our rooms, and the hostel was amazing, with unbelievable facilities. The only let down whilst in Cairns, was the bad weather, it did not stop raining and so our first full day we literally just chilled in different cafes and found an unbelievable gym called 'Your Fitness' where we smashed a great leg workout (CLICK HERE for workout) before heading out for one big final blow out. We started at Gilligan's pool bar and then made our way to The Attic which is pretty much next door to the hostel itself, it was actually a pretty decent night and went onto the early hours of the morning. 


Yet again we all woke up pretty worse for wear, and yet again the weather was horrendous. With no real indication that the weather was going to clear up, we took a walk around the town and met up with some friends and just chilled out at a local restaurant. Later on that evening we went back to the gym and got in another good workout, followed by a pretty early night as we were up at the crack of dawn for our scuba diving trip in 'The Great Barrier Reef', all excited we were running around screaming SCUBA STEVEEEE. (If you've seen the film Big Daddy you'll know). 


Diving in The Great Barrier Reef: 


Our alarms rang at 6 am and we were up and ready to board our boat at 8 am, it was another miserable day but we were told the sea was still a great temperature for those who were diving. It took about an hour to get to the dive sites from the harbour and we had a long safety chat with our diving instructor regarding the reef and our upcoming dives. We had two 40 minute dives scheduled and we got down to a depth of 18 metres. The Reef itself was very disappointing, we were expecting so much more colour & beauty from the corals and the rocks which we just did not get. It's sad to say that the Reef itself has been damaged so badly and it's nothing to how it once was. Despite this, we did have a great couple of dives and swam with some incredible wildlife, including some turtles which actually nibbled on Henry when he tried to get a selfie with it. The boat offered a great buffet lunch which we inevitably demolished and once done we signed off our diving books we made our way back to the hostel, to pack our bags and say goodbye to Australia as the following morning we had a flight scheduled to Bali where we had a weeks fitness camp booked in (Blog on Bali fitness camp CLICK HERE).






Australia was our home for 10 months and we absolutely loved it, but the further we made our way up the east coast we found Australia very travel esc and nothing like Sydney and Melbourne. If we were to go back to Australia, we'd probably stick to Melbourne and Sydney, just because they're a lot more busy with lots going on. That being said, we love a big city buzz so we are being a bit biased. 







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