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Beaches and Boat Partys

April 3, 2017


We left for Boracay from Cebu at the crack of dawn. It began with a 3 hour bus trip to Cebu City. If you’ve ever caught the local bus in The Philippines it’s quite amazing, there are no bus stops you just hit the roof when you want to hop off or flag it down to hop on, they fill it to beyond capacity and a ticket man climbs over chairs to sell you your ticket, don’t expect wifi or any luxuries on board put it that way. We then arrived at the bus stop where we took an Uber to the airport terminal (top tip: Cebu City has Uber so utilise it, it’s very good). We took the quick 50 minute flight to Boracay then took the longest bus to the smallest arrival terminal we’ve ever been to. We picked our luggage up and walked a quick 5 minutes to the dock to get the boat over to Boracay Island. Everyone who wants to visit a new island in The Philippines has to pay environmental and terminal fee so make sure you have enough cash when travelling. We quickly got through and boarded our fishermans boat which was a worrying first boat trip but arrived safely and wet free before our Tuk Tuk journey to the ‘party’ hostel Mad Monkey. 


Boracay is a tiny island located in the centre of The Philippines. It is a beautiful island known for it’s beautiful beaches, tours, diving and nightlife. It is a secure island filled with hostels and 5* resorts. The main shopping area is just off of the beach which has some lovely western and asian restaurants for a reasonable price which is buzzing with tourists all day and night. Everywhere is just a walk or short Tuk Tuk away to. We thoroughly recommend staying at Mad Monkey hostel if you’re into meeting people and having a little party, the rooms are brilliant and the restaurant is great to. The staff are also extremely helpful so we thoroughly recommend it. 


We arrived around 4pm and were starving so we grabbed some food from in town then Will and I used the Yoga area in the hostel to do a quick HIIT whilst the rest of the boys napped. With it being our buddy Sams birthday we decided to have a big first night out. Boracay nightlife does not disappoint. With it being a party hostel we partied in the bar with other travellers before taking the 10 minute walk to the beach where the other beach bars/clubs are based. The remainder of the night is kind of a blur, no wonder we woke up feeling a little worse for wear, what can you expect when alcohol is as cheap as chips and they dish out more alcohol than mixer. After finally getting out of bed we decided to visit the main beach called White beach, voted one of the worlds best beaches we were eager to see this but we were slightly disappointed with it being ridden with tourists, full of restaurants and plenty of looky looky men selling all sorts of knock offs so it had definitely lost its touch, nevertheless it was still awesome where a huge row of palm trees lie between all the restaurants and the main beach so it makes a good photo and who were we to judge it is still an amazing beach.


After the beach we all grabbed some food at the hostel which has a really good menu (chicken pesto pasta is a must) before Will and I headed to the local gym about 1-2km away from the hostel called Kingfisher Gym where we trained our chicken legs. Hungover and leg day what a dreadful combo. Despite it being very old school with rusty weights it has everything you need just don’t trust the leg press machine I felt very nervous using it! It’s full of local Filipinos who are so welcoming and nice just like all the Filipinos who are probably the nicest people in all of Asia. We paid 60 peso for a day pass and they even sell Optimum Nutrition protein sachets for 20 peso to. On the way back Will and wondered down the main strip to grab some dinner and desert. We just had to try the pancakes and ice cream from…for 150 peso they were incredible, we highly recommend. 


The following day Will and I woke up and decided to go back to the gym for another workout early in the morning, a lot cooler but filled with a different bunch of lovely Filipinos wanting to train with us both which was awesome. We got back to the hostel about 11am and chowed down some food before heading to the bar and cracking open the beers because it was time for the infamous Boracay Mad Monkey boat party. The boat party was so much fun and we highly recommend anyone visiting to go. Unlimited alcohol, cliff jumping at Ariel’s point, snorkelling and a beach party for sunset what’s not to like. It really was an incredible day filled with so much fun.


Below are our youtube vlogs from Boracay so check them out for a little guidance and understanding.




Our second island was coming to an end and we were just realising what an incredible place this beautiful country was. Will and I had already travelled half of South East Asia so experiencing the culture and people we can honestly the say The Filipinos are the nicest, friendliest people in Asia. A very religious and giving community and we thoroughly recommend people visiting. Travelling teaches you a lot, one thing the Filipinos certainly taught us is a lesson on giving and realising how to always give as it can make others feel so much better.


There are a few must-do’s in Boracay. Here’s our list:

  1. Boat Party - There is only 2 a week on a Tuesday and a Saturday so time it right and be there for one or both! It costs 1500 peso which includes everything so definitely do it. 

  2. Ariel’s Point - A small island just off Boracay which is a great spot for some safe cliff jumping. It has 3 different jump sites ranging in height from 5m - 10m. If you do the boat party, the boat will stop here and you enjoy some drinks and a good party on the small island but if you want to go when sober then do it on another tour. 

  3. Beaches - there is plenty such a White beach, Yapak beach and Dinwid Beach

  4. Scuba Diving/ Snorkelling - The island is full of Scuba schools and snorkelling areas. There is a number of great sites you can dive and snorkel at. We did our SSI/Padi course in Thailand but Boracay is another inexpensive place to get certified. 

  5. Sunset - Head to White beach to watch the sunset, equally as spectacular as a Balinese sunset.  



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