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Hustling Hong Kong

April 8, 2017

There was no better to way to spend the beginning of our China trip than seeing the incredible Hong Kong. An autonomous territory and former British colony. It is a vibrant and densely populated city with enormous sky scrapers, unique cuisine, architectural landmarks and annoying bespoke tailors who'll hustle you every 10 steps until you tell them to politely f**k off. A must visit if you are planning a trip to China. It’s a lot more expensive compared to what we had just experienced in The Philippines so if you’re on a budget then stay a few nights, see the important things then move on. 


When you arrive buy an octopus card immediately to get around as the subway is the most beneficial way to travel around the city. It’s really easy to, you’ll find your bearings almost immediately in Hong Kong.


We touched down in Hong Kong and saw the famous yellow arches, yes we hadn’t had a good old McDonalds for some time so we tucked into a relatively healthy chicken salad and chicken bagel. We then took the train to our hotel called Hong Kong Guest house which is in Jordan - Kowloon. Kowloon is a great place to stay and we highly recommend staying in this area. We were hungry and exhausted by the time we arrived so we unpacked and headed to the famous Temple Street night market, a night market that hosts amazing Chinese street food and all the cheap knock off electrical goods you could ever imagine. Despite the market being really authentic it is the most expensive meal we had in Asia, £17 for a couple of small dishes each.


The following day we woke up and did a workout on our roof before we headed to the visa office to purchase our Chinese visa (Approximately £70). Then it was time! Time to head to the Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island which boasts one of the most spectacular views you could imagine and one we will never forget. When we got to the peak we realised we had come on a bank holiday making it so busy resulting in a 45 minute queue to get the tram up to the top. Once we arrived we headed through the shopping mall (yes a shopping mall) to the sky deck and stood amongst thousands of others trying to take in the beautiful views of Hong Kong. With it being far too busy we decided to pop down a few levels and illegally hop the fence at Burger King where we caught a pretty dope view. It wasn’t exactly the safest as there were no barriers just a ledge with a significantly large drop. Safety aside though and we were free from irritating Chinese tourists and there lengthy selfie sticks ready to take part in one of our typical Wade photoshoots, perfect for the gram!









On our way back down we had a little mooch around the shopping mall which had an awesome 3D art museum where we had a good giggle which actually resulted in us almost getting thrown out…it’s a long story! The queue for the tram was far too long so we decided to walk down the peak, it’s pretty easy and took us about 30 minutes. Give yourself a challenge and walk up the peak, just don’t expect an easy hike.



After a tight nights sleep in our hotel room probably built for hobbits we woke up and went to a pretty old school gym. If you are staying in the Kowloon area check out Jordan Power Gym also known as prison gym, probably called this because it’s equipment is rusty and dated and its clientele isn’t one you’d probably get in Virgin Active in Central London put it that way. It’s about £5 a session which is great as you head to any of the commercial gyms and you’ll pay at least £40 for a day pass! After the gym we went for lunch at the world famous and cheapest Michelin star restaurant Tim Ho Wan which serves the best Dim Sum the world has to offer. It’s about £6 for a variety of Dim Sum, not bad on the old purse strings if you ask us! There are two restaurants, one in Central and one in Olympian City which is West Kowloon, we recommend heading to this one as it tends to be less busy. We highly recommend ordering as many pork buns as possible as they are incredible!




That evening it was time to experience more of Hong Kongs famous eateries, and with a range of different restaurants that were leaving us spoilt for choice we eventually decided on the famous Piasano’s pizzeria. 24 inch pizzas starting from as little as £4 what’s not to like? We could have spent every meal here but I don’t think our abs would have agreed so one pizza between 3 was plenty. Well actually for our partner in crime Lewis it was, but for us two who can happily eat for England it wasn’t, so a quick trip to M&S saw us buying about 3 cookies & half a dozen of doughnuts each, because you can’t have pizza without dessert right?



Our feast eventually came to an end and a few full beans headed to wonder the streets and experience the hustle and bustle of this mega city. We strolled through Central amongst the towering sky scrapers some seen in the Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'. We then hopped on the MTR to Hong Kong bay at Kowloon Harbour where you see a view equally as spectacular as the view from the Peak. Find yourself a quiet spot a little away from the tourists and just take in the view it really is something else. 





The following day we hit the same prison gym before adventuring around Kowloon for the day. An interesting place where every 5 steps you’ll be targeted for tailored suits or drugs by the local Indian folks. We visited the local parks and just enjoyed seeing a different part to this hectic city. 


Later in the afternoon we decided to go searching for some roofs to climb as we had seen some pretty cool photos from the insane guys at On The RoofThey basically have death wishes (see there photos and you'll see what we’re on about). After failing at even getting through the front door of the K11 building we managed to get to the top of the Chung King Mansions building. With plenty of security cameras and having to bust open a security hatch we managed to go unseen and capture some pretty cool yet dangerous photos. The things people do for the gram eh?! 




After risking our lives we had a small dinner before heading out to experience the nightlife. We had heard good things about a few places, one in particular was the Ozone rooftop bar 118 floors up in the ICC which leads to the highest bar in the world. You’re immediately greeted by low-lit moody green neon, avant-garde seating and walls of refracted swirling glass but what really seals the deal is the unobstructed view of Kowloon and western Hong Kong. After becoming best friends with a guy up there who kindly bought us a drink we couldn't afford we left to the real party. Lan Kwai Fong, a place buzzing with fashionable locals and trendy tourists seeking a few drinks once the sun descends. It lived up to everything we had expected and had an unreal night. 


The next day, we woke up with extremely sore heads due to all the four loco’s aka death drink we drank and headed to another famous eatery called The Australian Dairy Company. This restaurant was possibly one of the most interesting and strangest places we had ate in all of Asia. It’s hard to explain but we’ll give it a go. We stood at the back of a 30 person queue thinking we’d be queuing for an hour but actually it went within 5 minutes. We were then seated to our table of 4 where an elderly local lady appeared to be joining us to (it’s normal) and given 1 menu between 3. The menu doesn’t offer a huge variety but it’s basically scrambled eggs on toast accompanied with macaroni in broth and a coffee. The restaurant its self is extremely old fashioned and staff are probably the rudest people you will ever met. Why an earth is this place so popular you may ask? Honestly, we’re clueless. Having said that the meal is so random but for as little as £3.50 it’s damn good scrambled eggs! 




After breakfast we headed to our hotel to checkout as we were leaving for Shanghai China. 


There is so much to do in Hong Kong we barely scraped the sides. Below we have listed the top things to do and to get the most out of Hong Kong, places to eat and stay. Message us if you want to know any further information!




If you want to see our Youtube video for more real life footage of Hong Kong then check it out! 



To Do:


The Victoria Peak

Avenue of Stars

Kowloon Harbour

Temple Street Night Market

Disneyland (If you have the funds)

Potter around, there's so much about the place.

Hong Kong Lightshow


To stay:


Hong Kong Guesthouse (cheap, safe but small)

Chungking Mansions (avoid, just trust us)

Novotel Hotel in Jordan Kowloon (good but fairly pricey if you're travelling for a while)




Temple Street Night Market

Australian Dairy Company

Paisanos pizza

Tim Ho Wan

Hong Kong Famous Egg Waffle

ChungKing Mansions (If you're on a budget however they sell damn good Tandoori chicken)




Ozone Bar

Lan Kwai Fong

Check Time Out for some more decent roof top bars








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