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One week fitness camp in Bali

March 17, 2017

After travelling The East Coast of Australia we wanted to have a complete detox week from any bad habits we may have picked up along the way. We decided to kick off our Bali adventure with a fitness camp at S2S Crossfit in Jimbaran in Southern Bali booked through Extreme Gap Year. We’ve been asked a fair few questions about the camp in general, the training and other bits so this should give a useful guide to our weeks experience.


Experiencing morning Yoga on Bondi Beach, training in 8 degrees on muddy football pitches in the UK or doing hill sprints in Pennsylvania, USA we’ve trained in all sorts of places so Bali was another we wanted to add to the list. Bali is a place with amazing weather, excellent training facilities, good food and fantastic beaches all over the island. The local folk are possibly the kindest we’ve experienced in Asia and are always happy to help, it is after all a touristy destination.


The Training


What we essentially came for. The training was a weeks long programme filled with Yoga, CrossFit, 360 workouts, full body workouts, cardio classes, access to a gym & PT sessions if you pay extra.


Your typical schedule looked like this:

6-7am - Crossfit

7-8am - Crossfit

10-11am - 360/full body

3-4pm -Yoga (twice a week)

5:30-6:30pm - Crossfit.


The CrossFit class would be the same one repeated 3 x a day. We enjoyed going to the 6-7 CrossFit as it was less busy followed by the 360 or full body workout then we would use the gym and do our own resistance training in the evening. The workouts were all different which was good as it kept the body guessing and made it more enjoyable. Being properly introduced to CrossFit was new to us so being taught by the S2S athletes/trainers was great as they were really knowledgeable and taught us a lot.


The place is for all fitness levels so don’t be afraid if you’re a beginner or an athlete, we consider ourselves relatively fit and the classes occasionally came across easy but the trainers really push you hard and if you put a lot in you’re going to get a lot out of the each class.


The programme is for all ages so if you’re 18 or 50 it doesn’t matter the sessions are suitable for anyone.

Attending classes is not compulsory you can go to as many or as little as you'd like. 




When training in the heat it can be hard to build an appetite but for us both being big eaters we were in our element so shovelling down 4-6 meals a day in between training and tours was no issue for us. We saw a lot of people training 3 times per day for the first 2 days and suddenly burning out for the remainder of the week as they weren’t eating enough so we thoroughly recommend taking advantage of the local cuisine and getting your food in.  


The Villa provided a small free breakfast which was a variety of fruit, oats, cornflakes, milk, 1 protein shake and 2 eggs each. Personally this wasn’t enough however none of the other guests would eat anything more than a few bits of fruit for breakfast so Will and i used to eat probably double what we should have.


The company provide Fit-bit meals which are basically healthy low calorie meals. They are delicious but incredibly low calorie meaning you would need about 8 of these a day to maintain energy levels which would end up being too expensive for what you can get.



The local fishmongers was approximately a 10 minute walk from the Villa which was our personal favourite for Lunch and Dinner. You can buy any type of fish whether it be Salmon, Red Snapper, Cod, Prawns, Lobster you name it and take it to one of the local street food restaurants and they’ll BBQ it for you and serve you rice for a small fee. On our first night we ordered a 3kg Red Snapper between us and finished the entire thing.


Red Snapper Cost: 120,000IRP (always negotiate)

Cooking: 60,000 IRP (20,000 per Kilo)

Rice: 6,000 per portion


Total in GBP = 10 quid


I don’t think you’re getting that anywhere in the UK.


There are a wide variety of beachfront restaurants which were lovely although they were a lot more expensive with smaller dishes so we avoided these and stuck to the small street food stands where we tried all sorts - the local Chicken Satay is a must and the widely famous Nasi Gorengs.




On this occasion we stayed in the private Villa which is located on the camp about 50ft from the gym which was ideal for us to roll out of bed, grab a coffee and hit the 6am CrossFit class. The villa boasts high standards of comfort with a great pool, jacuzzi and rooftop chill out areas with views of the ocean where you’ll catch a beautiful Balinese sunset. It has a really nice communal/kitchen area where we’d spend time relaxing, eating and getting to know our other fitness mates. The pool is on the ground level and makes it the perfect setup to relax and chill out to.


What to do when you’re not training?


We were concerned about this when visiting we didn’t want to be bored in a Villa in the middle of nowhere and the area Jimbaran is a bit of a s**t hole, the beach isn’t great and the area is a little grotty with not much going on. If you wanted to stay in the Villa and chill by the pool, play some basketball, volleyball or watch a DVD then this was all available to which was great but we wanted to explore and not just sit in the villa and do stuff we can quite happily do on a rainy day in the UK.


You can add packaged tours with Extreme Gap Year however this is a lot more expensive so i would recommend doing them yourself. There is so much to do within close distance to the Villa but Bali traffic is a nightmare so leave yourself enough time or rent a scooter like we did and beat all the traffic just be careful and wear a helmet.


Activities close the the villa


Uluwatu Temple for sunset

Potato Head Beach Club for Sunset

Surfing on Kuta Beach

Single Fin Beach Club


Any questions regarding the fitness camp then feel free to drop us a message also any questions on traveling Indonesia/Bali let us know, we’ve been all over and have some great suggestions and advice on accommodation, travel, food, visa etc. We'll post a blog on Indonesia soon. 


For more information on Bali Fitness camps visit Extreme Gap Year, they were really good in organising everything for us both. 


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